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Injection Plastics

Injection plastics are commonly used in Industry 4.0 today. This material possesses many outstanding advantages, bringing high economic efficiency to businesses.
Because of that, the demand for injection plastic is increasing rapidly. Check out below to find the right product for your production requirements!

What are injection plastics?

Injection plastics are collections of traditional plastics in the industry to meet the requirements of technical processing.

This material has many different shapes and types such as: POM plastic, HDPE plastic, Teflon plastic, Bakelite plastic … which meets well in all areas of production and manufacturing.

Outstanding advantages of injection plastics

Injection plastics are popular and widely used in life because of their many outstanding advantages:

  • Extremely tough, stain resistant and resistant to environmental temperature changes.
  • Excellent UV and corrosion resistance.
  • Low loss rate when put into use.
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses in the food, medical and drinking water sectors.
  • UV stabilizers like Benzotriazole provide color that lasts over time.
  • Strong chemical resistance such as: alcohol, ketone, dilute acid, grease, solvent... suitable for manufacturing plastic parts of cars.
  • Thanks to the combination of fillers and additives in the mixing process, the material properties can be adjusted according to the requirements of use.

Great application of injection plastics

Initation's new injection plastic products can be applied in a variety of fields:

1. Electronic:

Injection plastics in general have good electrical insulators, so they are used to manufacture accessories and equipment such as electrical panels, electrical socket covers, etc.

2. Household appliances:

Because of its solid properties, injection plastic is also used as a juicer, blender…

3. Automobile and motorcycle industry: 

Producing car interior - exterior details.

4. Packaging industry: 

High mechanical strength should also be used to produce helmets, special packaging, containers…

5. Construction materials: 

Used to produce gene pipes, water pipes…

6. Products using injection molding technology: 

Doors, phone cases, computer keyboards, etc., are made by injecting molten material into a mold.

In addition, injection plastic is also used to make lightweight but highly rigid products such as water pipes, musical instruments, boxes…

Injection plastic products on the market

These are the commonly used injection plastics in Industry 4.0:

Plastic type #1: PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

PET is an injection plastic with high safety, but should only be used once because bacteria and odors will stick to the surface of the product. Also, do not reuse the product or place it near a heat source.

Plastic type #2: HDPE

Most used to produce baby products or food containers, with effective resistance to bacteria accumulation.

Plastic type number 3: PVC:

Contains phthalates - dangerous substances that affect hormone production and fertility in women. And easily degraded when encountering high temperatures, so it is only suitable for producing bottles, blisters, cards…

Plastic type number 4: LDPE

Contains low-density polyethylene, so it is quite safe to use in the production of food wrappers or plastic bags.

Plastic type number 5: PP (polypropylene)

Does not contain chemicals harmful to humans, is a safe injection plastic to produce medicine bottles, yogurt boxes, straws, spice bottles…

Plastic type 6: Polystyrene aka foam

Most used in the packaging stages or the production of disposable plastic plates / cups. However, do not use hot food containers, which will produce harmful chemicals.

Plastic No. 7: Other types of plastic nhựa

Is a plastic mixture containing Polycarbonate and BPA - compounds harmful to health. Therefore, when choosing to buy plastic products, you should be very careful.

Purchase high-quality injection plastics in Vietnam at Initation Vietnam

So now you’ve understood the great applications that injection plastics bring in life and production. To purchase high-quality injection plastics, come to Initation Vietnam Co., Ltd. - providing high-class Vietnam injection plastics, with extremely affordable prices.

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