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Engineering Plastics

For many people, it is not clear what engineering plastics are as well as the salient features of this product line. Let’s explore with Initation the information surrounding our Vietnam custom engineering plastics to understand why you should use them!

What are engineering plastics?

Engineering Plastics are also known as Engineering Plastic Compounds. Manufactured from a combination of plastic substrates (PA66 +30%, LCP, PPO, PPS. PBT +30%, PC+ABS) with reinforcing compounds (Fire retardants, conductive carbon, glass beads/fibers…) and additives in certain proportions.

Engineering plastics come in many different shapes that you can see in the market such as: rolls, films, fibers, rods, boxes, trees or sheets.

Characteristics of engineering plastics

Technical plastic pellets are manufactured to meet the following technical standards:

  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Fire protection.
  • High impact strength.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Conductive electricity.
  • High hardness.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Improved scratch resistance, scratch resistance.
  • Raised heat deformation temperature.

What is the composition of engineering plastics?

To achieve the above outstanding properties, a finished engineering plastic product will be made of the following components:

  • Different types of plastic substrates: PA66 +30%, LCP, PPO, PPS, PBT +30%, PC+ABS
  • Glass beads/fibers.
  • Ceramic beads.
  • Conductive black carbon.
  • Clay with nanoscale.
  • Barium Sulfate (BaSO4) powder.
  • Talc mineral with high purity.
  • Flame retardant additives (with/without Halogen).

Outstanding advantages of Initation engineering plastics

Initation's custom engineering plastics in Vietnam are new types of engineering material with many outstanding properties such as: Dimensional stability, waterproof and abrasion resistance, good heat resistance, chemical properties, electrical insulating properties…

Compared with metal materials, engineering plastics are preferred because: Light weight, high production efficiency, good insulation performance, easy processing and energy saving.

The weight of engineering plastics is only about 1.0 - 1.4, ¾ lighter than steel and aluminum materials. Therefore, engineering plastics are considered as the best used material for machinery manufacturing industries.

After many tests and improvements, Initation engineering plastics are certified for their outstanding strength and best heat resistance, which can replace metal and glass.

In particular, this type of plastic can resist acid, so it has low abrasion, providing long-term use, helping businesses optimize investment costs for materials used.

Common applications of engineering plastics

Initation's engineering plastics have the ability to improve the quality of the finished product more efficiently. Therefore, this product is widely applied in the following fields:

1. Application in the field of automobile manufacturing / assembly

Thanks to the combination of high mechanical and electrical properties, good chemical resistance and outstanding thermal stability, Initation engineering plastics are ideal materials for the automotive industry.

In particular, the product is used in the manufacture of exterior and interior parts of automobiles. Including electronic system components, such as:

  • Handle and fan.
  • Vent.
  • Mirror shell.
  • Sensor housing, connector and fuse box.
  • Fuel system components.
  • Ignition system components and engine components.

2. Applications in the field of electronics

The extremely high resistance of Initation engineering plastics, along with excellent durability and resistance to sudden temperature changes, help protect components against leakage problems or breakdowns in electrical circuits.

You can come across many electrical appliances made of engineering plastics everywhere such as:

  • Switches, circuit breakers.
  • Power socket.
  • The most typical example is probably fiber optic cable.
  • Transformer insulation.
  • Sensor housing, connector and chip socket.
  • Fiber optic cables and tubes.

3. Applications in industries

Engineering plastics have many excellent mechanical properties such as good heat resistance, high hardness and resistance to temperature, UV rays… Therefore, the product is chosen by many enterprises to produce materials and components. packing, impeller, faucet, reflector or fluorescent lamp.

4. Consumer goods application

Thanks to the flexible feature, plastic beads are used in the production of household appliances. Especially for equipment that requires durability, is impact resistant, involves high temperatures or involves electricity.

You can see the application of engineering plastics in appliances - hand tools, vacuum cleaner components, hair dryers, machine cases, coffee containers, food processing blades…

5. Other Applications

Initation engineering plastics are also processed to make false eyelashes or make fibers in toothbrushes.

Because of its ability to effectively insulate and prevent stains, engineering plastics are also used in the manufacturing of computer keyboards.

In addition, engineering plastics are also used in factories producing sportswear, swimwear, etc., because of their superior chemical resistance and UV resistance.

Popular types of engineering plastics on the market

Here are 5 types of engineering plastics most used by businesses:

PBT resin 30%GF – Tufnyl BGF30 Black

It is a thermoplastic engineering polymer with excellent electrical insulation, widely used in electrical and electronic industries.

30% PBT resin has very little shrinking properties and is resistant to solvents during forming, so it is extremely mechanically strong.

Plastic PA66 30%GF

This engineering plastic has effective chemical resistance and thermal stability. Thanks to its toughness and high operating intensity, it is widely used in construction.

In addition, PA66 30%GF plastic can be good alkali resistance, resistant to highly corrosive substances such as: ester, ketone, gasoline, oil, it is widely applied in many fields such as: mechanical works, telecommunications, electronics, automobiles, sports equipment…


PPS resin is a white material, with the characteristics of hardness, brittleness, high crystallinity and the best thermal stability among thermoset plastics. Pure PPS resin has too great adhesion, so it is not easy to move as well as spray plastic.

PPS plastic can be applied well in high temperature environments from 240 degrees Celsius - 260 degrees Celsius. With adhesion reaching level 1, it is suitable for processing into linings for chemical equipment.

PPO Plastic

PPO is used to improve the mechanical properties of the product. This plastic has good heat resistance, water resistance and high corrosion resistance, so it is used to replace stainless steel for the production of surgical medical devices.

In addition, PPO engineering plastic is also used to make gears, valves, pipes, propellers ... Or used in the manufacturing process of electrical / electronic parts such as circuit boards, wires from the wall…

LCP (Liquid Crystal) Resin

LCP is a commercial engineering plastic with good radiation and weather resistance. With excellent fire resistance reaching UL94V-0, so it is most used in fire safety.

Vietnam Initation - One of the leading suppliers of engineering plastics in Vietnam

Vietnam Initation Co., Ltd has become one of the most searched names by Vietnamese businesses today. Initation provides all lines of high quality engineering plastics with the largest quantity in Quang Nam province.

Initation directly searches and selects products, without any intermediaries, so we can control the quality of products. We are committed that our engineering plastics always meet the standards and satisfy all our customer needs.

As one of the top Vietnam engineering plastics suppliers, Initation is a reliable partner of many large domestic and foreign enterprises/brands. We are confident that we can always provide COMMITMENT and VISION. When purchasing our products, you will receive the following benefits:

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  • Furthermore, thanks to the advantage of having good material sources to manufacture our plastic products, our prices are extremely competitive.
  • Along with that, those businesses/individuals who order engineering plastics in bulk will receive the best discounts.

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